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Why Multi-Academy Trusts should have Trust Wide Safeguarding/Safer Recruitment training.

As we all know there are a lot of positives when you join a MAT, one of which is Trust Wide Training.  I have in the past been part of 3 Academy Trusts, as a Headteacher, and that was one of the perks.  One MAT I worked for was brilliant at Trust Wide training.  Not only was it great working with other schools within the MAT but also it was very cost-effective from a strategic point of view.  It also meant that everyone had the same messages, and everyone knew what to do.

When I lead Safeguarding for a MAT, I was passionate about delivering Trust Wide DSL, Safer Recruitment, and other safeguarding training.  Being an accredited trainer, I was able to deliver this to all the schools and the feedback was immensely positive.  Safeguarding is a subject that no one wants to get wrong and a subject that a lot of people fear getting wrong.  Like a good trainer, I asked for feedback to improve my delivery and content.  What I got back were comments like this:

  • Agree with our CEO’s comment that there is real value in doing this as a Trust group
  • Brings safeguarding back in to focus across the work we are doing across the Trust
  • Importance of culture- benefit of shared MAT training
  • Confidence, knowledge, and the feeling that help is available within the trust when needed!
  • Fight for the safety and wellbeing of the children. Create a positive safeguarding culture. Teamwork within the school, but across the Trust
  • Really nice to do it as a trust where we can discuss things without worrying about the judgement that we might not be doing something right at our school! Thank you!

The other benefit that my trainees discussed with me was that they liked the idea that at these training sessions everyone felt equal and that everyone took safeguarding seriously at every level.  We had Trustees, CEO, Headteachers, DSLs and people responsible for hiring, it was received well by everyone, everyone wanted to be trained to help safeguard children.  Plus, it was cost-effective!

I am a strong believer in Trust Wide training, not only in Teaching and Learning but in Safeguarding too.  It builds a stronger bond between everyone in a Multi-Academy Trust and when it comes to Safeguarding, working together to fight child abuse is a key fundamental.

If you are interested in Trust Wide Safeguarding / Safer Recruitment training, please email me at and I can tailor a suitable training package to suit your MAT’s training need.

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