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DSL Supervision

One to One DSL Supervision:

The decision to invest in external supervision is a pivotal one for educational leaders committed to ensuring the utmost support for their Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) and themselves. It carries immense significance, as it directly impacts the safety and well-being of students and the overall effectiveness of safeguarding measures within educational institutions.

Our team of supervisors brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, having undergone specialised training by the NSPCC. This training equips them with the skills and insights necessary to provide comprehensive DSL supervision services. Our primary mission is to facilitate effective support for DSLs and Headteachers, recognising the pivotal role they play in safeguarding students and maintaining a safe learning environment.

What sets our supervisors apart is their extensive experience as former headteachers and seasoned safeguarding leads at both school and Trust levels. They possess an intimate understanding of the unique challenges and pressures that DSLs and headteachers face on a daily basis. This deep well of experience enables our supervisors to offer a distinctive perspective and finely-tuned skills tailored to address the specific supervision needs of DSLs.

DSL supervision

Investing in our external DSL supervision, provided by our well-trained and experienced team, represents a crucial stride in elevating the safeguarding practices and support systems within your educational institution. Our supervisors not only possess the requisite expertise but also harbor a sincere dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of students.

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